Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessings..


I was recently reminded to count my blessings, and it may take a while.В  My life is a blessed life.В  With that saidВ it has had its ups and downs.В  Most recently I lost my mother.В  Her favorite song was Count Your Many BlessingsВ  A constant reminder growing up, hearing her sing this song in the kitchen as she did what she did bestcook for our family and for those in need.В  You never went hungry around our house.В  You name and she made it.В  Fried chicken to her peanut butter pies.В  That now will be carried on by my siblings, and many nieces.В  Going through my mothers treasures, pie servers were the one thing that we all wanted.

I love to cook for my family and friends.В  The kitchen is a gathering place to share the stories of our day.В  Highs and Lows.В  Laughter fills the room.В  They say that is the best medicine.В  I could use a good dose of that kind of medicine.

My healthy husband had a heart attack March 31st.В  That day stopped my world (the one I thought I had all planned)В  A 48-year-old, who runs and workouts should not be having a heart attack.В  Genetics tells us a different story.В  Though our diet wasnt bad, it could be better.В  So now I am on the hunt to cook those healthy recipes.

As I plan to leave next week for FitBloggin I am more excited to get there and be around so many bloggers that have healthy fitness blogs.В  My plan was to go to learn how to better blogger. things change.В  Will still attend seminars on how to be a better blogger.В I just get a weekend to learn about healthy eating as well. В Its a win-win for me.

As I close I encourage you to take a piece of paper out and start counting your blessings.В  It may take a while, that is a good thing.В  My list would start with my family.В  These last 5 years our family has lost my oldest brother, father and mother.В  In these last five years our family has gained life.В  Nieces and nephews got married.В  В Many great nieces and nephews were born.В В  To carry on the legacy of our family.В  Our oldest son married 10 months ago.В  Our first daughter seeing that we have all sons.В  Blessings, yes I have them.В  I am thankful for them.В  They are the fuel that keeps me going, when I hit a low spot.

Remember I said I was recently reminded to count mine.В  My daughter in law gave me a gift, a reminder to do just that very thing.В  I have it hanging in my kitchen/home office.В  I love visual reminders.В  I wake up every morning to see this.


Have a healthy recipe to share with me?В  I welcome them!!

Until the next time



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      Kris Olsen says

      Thanks Debbie,
      Memories are a great thing! Thanks for the thoughts. Looking forward to Fitbloggin!

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    So sorry for the loss of your mom! And what great advice for us all. I recently lost a childhood friend of mine. She seemed healthy, so when she had a heart attack at age 32 I was shaken up. I was reminded that each day is a gift, and I need to live each day to the fullest. Have a good time at FitBloggin and let us know how it goes!

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      Kris Olsen says

      Thanks Sarah Jane,
      Sorry to hear of the loss of your friend! Life is precious. Absolutely will do a post on FitBloggin! Love your blog!!

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    I joined the 100 Happy days to become aware of the blessings in my life that we let pass after the modern craziness.
    I will be looking forward you update on next week. I wish I could attend such an event :(

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      Kris Olsen says

      Debbie, I have seen that 100 Happy Days, great idea! This will be my 1st FitBloggin, look forward to sharing!

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      Kris Olsen says

      Hi Angela,
      Seems like life gets busy, good to stop and reflect. I look forward to sharing about FitBloggin!!

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      Kris Olsen says

      I will check your post out. Yes great minds :) Oh yeah wish you were going to FitBloggin. Somehow we need to have a meetup!!

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      Kris Olsen says

      Thanks Erin!
      Sometimes hard to see those blessings, until I stop and take a good look around!

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    Sorry for your loss, but thanks for this post! It is good to step back and focus on the positive and the blessings we do have in our lives and know that in the midst of chaos, there is also beauty.

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    Life is beautiful, this is a terrific reminder. You and your family are certainly in my thoughts through this difficult time.

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