I Want To Leave A Legacy

I Want to leave a Legacy how will they remember me.В  Not only is this aВ  beautiful songВ by Nichole NordemanВ ,В that I love,В it is alsoВ what my brother Jim wanted to leave, his legacy through his poems.В  I would like to shareВ one of those with you today!

This path has been walked by many, yet they all haveВ a different story.В  This happens to be our familys story.В  Our family lost two great men, one being my father and the otherВ my oldest brother.В  Though the battle was lost, we are truly thankful for the staff of Hospice.В  Precious last moments in the comfort our homes, having our loved ones surrounded by family and strangers or are they Angels?


When you think of Hospice care, what comes to your mind?

Do you fear that death is not too far behind?

Myths, such as this one, are far from being true.

For, the people of hospice care so much for you.

It doesnt matter if you have cancer or another dreadful disease .

Hospice will always be there to keep your life at ease.

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Hospice truly cares about your sufferingВ and pain.

Yes, death may eventually for you come.

However, death can arrive any day for anyone.

No doctor can revealВ unto youВ your lifes span.

How long you live lies totally in Gods hands.

Twenty-four/seven, hospice is always there.

On hospice care you can always depend.

They are more than professional; hospice is your friend.

Many services hospice is able to offer you.

You decide what you want them to do.

Hospice has an open heart and listening ears.

For your whole being hospice really cares.

Hospice will attempt to fill your every need.

They are truly a God-send indeed.

Hospice tends to your emotional, physical, and spiritual state.

With caring services such as these, why would you wait?

Yes, doctors are great, but they can only do so much.

The staff at hospice provides the loving, tender touch.

Hospice is a blessing from God that you should seek.

Hospice cares; theyll be by your side week after week.

With hospice you will discover its a family affair.

For you and your loved ones hospice really cares.

Compassion and comfort youll find with the people of hospice.

Perhaps, its Gods way of having angels always being near us.

James Roberts




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      Kris Olsen says

      Thanks Jaylene! My brother Jim was a great man and has other amazing poems!! Glad to know that hospice can be with others during their needs!

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    So sorry for your loss. I have too many friends dealing with this. Ive lost two dogs to canine cancer. Not the same maybe, but they were my kids. I found a group Chase Away K9 Cancer that helped me through my losses and Stupid Cancer offers some help to young adult cancer victims. Hugs and prayers!

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      Kris Olsen says

      Thanks Lynne,
      Been 5 years for my brother and 4 for my father. Some days are good and others I try and make the best of the blessings we had with them!! Sorry for your loss with your pets. Sounds like a great group.

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    Hospice has been there for several members of my family and my cousin is a hospice nurse. They are very special people taking care of very important people. Such a sweet post.

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    Janeese says

    I do get sad when I hear hospice is involved. But your brothers poem opened my eyes a little. Looking back now as an adult, I see what hospice provided my parents during the last few months of my grandparents lives. I know our time living on earth is temporary. But, I pray its years upon years before I have a relationship with hospice care. Im sorry Kris you lost them both so close in time.

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      Kris Olsen says

      Thanks for your kind words Janeese,

      Glad to hear that my brothers poem touched you, I know thats what he wanted!!

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    I am sorry for your loss. I am glad hospice care is available. When I was in high school and a little bit after I volunteered in an AIDS hospice. It was a bittersweet experience and has had a profound impact on my appreciation for those that are involved as patients and caretakers.

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      Kris Olsen says

      Thanks for your kind words Kia! Hospice was a blessing, cant imagine not having the awesome staff with us!

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